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Individualized Family Spiritual Services
*Schedule a consult so that I can meet your specific needs
-Spiritual protection for the family, pregnancy, and household
-Spiritual protection and blessings for children
-Mojo Bags
-Baby/ Nursery Blessings
-Much More
Spiritual Counseling Services
"Spiritualist healers offered valuable counsel to men and women whose control over their own environment--- often tainted by racism and discrimination, economic inequalities and damaged interpersonal relations-- was uncertain or precarious.  By providing remedies and spiritual "work", Spiritualists bolstered individuals' beliefs in their ability to care for themselves.  "I tell the people what the spirit directs and they go back to work out their problems." - Black Magic- Yvonne P. Chireau
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Spiritual Services
Grief Related Spiritual Counseling
Individualized Workins'-  Every situation may vary from the next.  It's important to get an accurate assessment to tailor your workins to fit your needs.  I specialize in poppets, mojo bags, oils, and baths and more in the areas of love, family, fertility, household blessing and protection. 
Birth workers were also a "competent treater of ailments and possessed skill in aspects of conjure related to love, marriage and family."- Mojo Workin'-Katrina Hazzard Donald
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