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Honoring the Legacy of Our Ancestors and the Dead
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      Due to the history that so many of our ancestors experienced in America, we didn't always have the ability to give death rites of passage ceremonies publicly.  Midwives such as Sarah Grant, who was also an undertaker of the dead,  were a bridge to help women have a rite of passage into motherhood and a caretaker of the dead and the bereaved loved ones.
    Celebrating Life While Dying
     As a soul midwife, it is my duty to assist individuals transition peacefully and dignified.  Having a death doula allows for you or loved one to have a ritualistic and ceremonial death, to be honored for their life work and a job well done.  It allows the dying to have an opportunity to tie up any loose ends and work through any lingering wants, needs, fears or regrets.  Death doulas offer companionship during this beautiful yet sometimes ambiguous time of one's soul preparing to be birthed into the other side.
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     Celebrating Death

Malidoma Patrice Some spoke about grief and mourning. Traditionally, death may bring times of sadness however death is a rite of passage that should also be honored for the newly transitioned.  There has always been an interconnection between the living and the dead.

Gone Too Soon
Unfortunately, many of us have lost loved ones due to tragic or unfortunate circumstances (car accidents, gun violence, domestic violence, police brutality) due to our political climate and our environment.  While we must continue to do the resistance work to stop these situations from happening, its also important to uplift the spirits of those individuals who were not granted with the rite of having a dignified death through prayer, ritual, libations, etc.  
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