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We are proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and client-centered care for individuals in all stages of life.  

Alaafia and welcome to the home of The Two-Headed Doula, your go to for spiritual rites of passage ceremonies.  I honor life transitions such as birth, the postpartum period and end of life care.  I fight for reproductive justice and honor the souls that are transitioning into and out of this realm.

Birth/Postpartum Doula, Death Doula and Spiritual Services 

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Birth worker's "stood in the doorway separating life and death, natural and supernatural, spiritual and physical worlds"- Katrina Hazzard-Donald
Labor Support


Birth is a beautiful life transition for the entire family.  Traditionally, it is honored ceremonially.  I'd be happy to assist your family and baby through this rite of passage. 

Postpartum Support


Congratulations parent/s and welcome to this realm baby.  The 4th trimester is a time full of emotion.  As you ease into the transition, a doula can assist you with learning aspects of parenthood, provide active listening and help take some pressure off of the family. 

Death Doula Support 
Death is the final transition of the life cycle and a major rite of passage.  It can bring up a lot of emotions for the dying and their loved ones.  A death doula provides support, comfort and can help the transition be beautiful and ceremonial.  

Laying on of Hands


'Layin on of hands" is a healing modality that can relieve issues that come up in everyday life (work related stress, grief, systemic racism... You naaame it.) It's a spiritual practice that has been used by guiding ancestors, collective ancestors and prayer warriors.  Good for relief and preventative care.

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